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service tree service tree

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Service tree (Sorbus domestica) is a species of Sorbus native to western, central and southern Europe (Mediterranean region), northwest Africa, and southwest Asia. It is a deciduous tree growing to 15–20 m tall with a trunk up to 1 m diameter. The bark is brown, smooth on young trees, becoming fissured and flaky on old trees. The winter buds are green, with a sticky resinous coating. The leaves are 15–25 cm long, the flowers are 13–18 mm diameter, with five white petals and 20 creamy-white stamens. The fruit is a pome 2–3 cm long, greenish-brown, often tinged red on the side exposed to sunlight, apple-shaped.

It is a long-lived tree, with ages of 300–400 years. The largest and perhaps oldest known specimen in Europe is near the town of Strážnice in the province of Moravia, Czech Republic. Its trunk measures 458 centimetres in circumference, with a crown 11 metres high and 18 metres across. It is estimated to be around 400 years old. The fruit is a component of a cider-like drink which is still made in parts of Europe. Picked straight off the tree, it is highly astringent and gritty, however, when left to blet (over-ripen) it sweetens and becomes pleasant to eat.

50 seeds
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45.00 HRK
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