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rattlebox rattlebox

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Sesbania punicea (Spanish gold, rattlebox) is an ornamental shrub that produces reddish orange flowers, has deciduous leaves and grows to 15 feet high. This plant has a high demand for water, and thrives in swamps or high-moisture areas. It also requires a mildly acidic soil.
This species is native to Brazil and a few other South American countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It has spread to parts of Africa, other parts of South America, and many coastal southern United States. Due to its high demand for water this species is often found at marshy shorelines. It also forms dense thickets and thrives in disturbed areas.
The flowers begin to appear in the late spring and persist until the autumn. In the United States the blooming period for this species is between june and september, whereas in South Africa they are blooming between november and january.
When the pods/fruits dry out they are distributed close to the base of the parent plant when found inland. Commonly these plants are found near waterways due to the effective seed dispersal technique via moving water. The seeds of this plant have impermeable seed coats, which allows the survival of the seeds when dispersed via waterways. This impermeable quality of the seed coat has been formally studied by L. Bevilacqua who has found that callose is the compound causing this characteristic. These seeds require scarification before they are able to germinate. It is certain that seed dispersal is not performed via animals due to the plants toxic characteristics. This species is known to be shade tolerant, allowing seedling growth under shady conditions. Once seedlings have grown for three months, they can potentially produce flowers and seeds. Although, flowering most commonly occurs once the seedlings become 2 years of age. This plant is capable of surviving freezing conditions, but not for prolonged periods of time.
The flowers are shaped like pea flowers, between 2–3 cm long and are commonly a red-orange or red-purple color.
The fruits are large pea pods compartmentalized into four, and appear as if they have shrunk slightly due to drying. These fruits are dehiscent and dry out as they become mature. Each fruit can contain between 5-10 seeds, which are only dispersed when the pod dries out and opens up. The amount of pods found on a single plant depends on age and growing conditions of the plant. On average a single plant can produce between 100-300 pods. When the pods first emerge on the plants and are not yet fully mature they are a yellow or green color. As the season progresses these pods become a darker green color, eventually becoming a dismal brown . These seedpods often stay on the plant far into the winter, and the seeds inside create a distinct rattling sound when they are shaken by the wind, giving the plant its common name of “rattlebox”. These plants are seen to have an ornamental value due to the beautiful red flowers the plant produces.  When purchasing this plant for ornamental purposes you can choose to buy either seeds or seedlings grown to varying heights.

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