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Clematis viticella

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clematis viticella clematis viticella

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In this genus belongs to more than 200 species of deciduous or evergreen mainly halfwoody leaf to woody twining plants, bushy climbers, subshrub and sometimes grass-like perennial with woody base that is found throughout the world. Clematis species are very diverse and vary according to the appearance of plants, and the appearance of leaves and flowers. The leaves are opposite, sometimes alternate, covered with hairs or glabrous, simple or composed, with full or irregularly incised margin. Species that climb cling to a support structure to its leaf petioles. The flowers are mostly hermaphrodite, rarely single-sex. Bloom were collected individually or in groups. They have a 4-10 laps (often considered petals) that vary widely in shape and size. Can be star, bell, tubular or tulip-shaped flowers, single or double, size of 1-2 cm at the grass-like species and earlyflowering to 20 cm in diameter at bigflower cultivars Clematis is grown for its abundant flowering and long after that often occur very decorative seeds, which have long hairy bits. Some, like Clematis Recta have fragrant flowers. Climbers are used to cover walls, pillars, arbor or pergola. Species like the grass planted on beds with a variety of perennials.

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