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Checker tree

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checker tree checker tree

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Checker tree (Sorbus torminalis), sometimes known as the chequer tree or wild service tree, is a species of Sorbus native to Europe, south to northwest Africa. It is a medium-sized tree growing to 15–25 m tall, with a trunk up to 1.3 m diameter. The bark is smooth and greyish, the leaves are 6–14 cm long and broad with a 2.5–5 cm petiole, dark green on both sides, the autumn colour is yellow to red-brown. The flowers are 10–15 mm diameter, with five white petals. The fruit is a globose to ovoid pome 10–15 mm diameter, greenish to russet or brown, when mature in mid to late autumn.

The fruit, sometimes called "chequers," are edible and taste similar to dates, although they are now rarely collected for food. They are usually too astringent to eat until they are over-ripe and bletted. Before the introduction of hops, the fruit were used to flavour beer, which may be related to the ancient symbol of a pub being the chequer-board.

50 seeds
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45.00 HRK
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