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Evergreen rose

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rose rose

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Evergreen rose (Rosa sempervirens) belongs to the family of rose (Rosaceae), a shrub up to 5 meters with climbing branches. Name comes from the Latin semper-virens, the literal translation is ever-green. Light brown to red-brown shiny crust is thin with sparse, curved thorns. The leaves are glossy on both sides, 2-4 cm long and crested peaks. Flowers to 5 cm in diameter, with 5 white petals oval shape with many yellow stamens. It blooms from May to July, to 7 flowers are collected in clusters, or panicles (appearance). The fruit is hanging hip, oval shaped, 2.5 cm long, red and full of seeds (nuts). The largest habitat is on the rocky and warm areas of the Mediterranean region, such as hedges, open oak forests, often close to the shore.

Hips of all kinds of roses contain a lot of vitamin C (one of the richest sources at all) so for a long time it has been used in medicine and cooking. From the hip you can cook tea that is outstanding in the prevention of colds and flu, then make jam, wine, liquor or sauce for grilled meat. Pomegranate (hip) extract is useful in the treatment of kidney stones. The petals contain relatively many essential oils, and are used in aromatherapy and cosmetics industry (rosewater) and candied used to decorate the cakes. The flowers have lots of nectar and pollen, as well as most of the genera and species of this family (cherry and other fruit trees, hawthorn), and it is frequently visited by many species of insects. Importance of Roses in horticulture is not necessary to tell, there are thousands of different varieties and hybrids, obtained from barely a hundred 'wild' types of roses.

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45.00 HRK
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