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Saffron thistle

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C. lanatus C. lanatus

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Carthamus lanatus is a species of thistle known as woolly distaff thistle or saffron thistle. It is closely related to safflower, which is in the same genus. This annual plant is a native of the Mediterranean Basin, but it is familiar in other places where it was introduced. This is a spiny, glandular, woolly plant, which often looks like it is covered in spiderweb due to its fine tangled fibers. It has a pale stem which may reach a meter in height, and rigid, pointed, very spiny leaves. The flower head has many long, sharp phyllaries that can be up to several centimeters long. The disc florets are bright yellow. The fruit is an achene about half a centimeter long with many rigid pappus scales.
Seed germination is stimulated by red light. This means that germination is most likely in areas with little vegetation or pasture cover. Seeds also require specific temperature cues and water, which means that most seeds germinate in Autumn. Many C. lanatus seeds are dormant (will not germinate, even in ideal conditions). In pastures, good pasture cover in Autumn will reduce germination, suggesting that pastures should be managed to reduce grazing pressure over summer increase the cover from summer-growing perennial grasses. Population models suggest that strategic grazing may be one of the most effective long-term control option for infested pastures.

50 seeds
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45.00 HRK
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