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Dalmatian iris (50x)

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Iris pallida – pseudopallida (Dalmatian iris or Sweet iris) is a hardy flowering perennial plant of the genus Iris, family Iridaceae. It is native to the Dalmatian coast (Croatia) but widely naturalised elsewhere. It is a member of the subgenus iris, meaning that it is a bearded iris, and grows from a rhizome. This iris prefers rocky places in the mediterranean and submediterranean zone and reaches sometimes montane regions at its southern range in Montenegro. It grows to a stem height of 50 to 80 centimeters. The leaves are bluish-green in color, and sword-shaped, 40 to 50 centimeters in length, and 2.5 to 3 centimeters in width. The inflorescence, produced in May/June, is fan-shaped and contains two or three flowers which are often very fragrant and usually pale purplish to whitish. It is cultivated as a garden plant, and commercially for extraction of essential oils from its rhizome (orris root). Three subspecies of Iris pallida are Iris pallida - cengialti (with deep purplish flowers) from Slovenia and adjacent Italy, Iris pallida - illyrica from the North Dalmatian coast, and Iris pallida - pseudopallida from the South Dalmatian coast. Another subspecies is Iris pallida ssp. musulmanica.


50 seeds

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45.00 HRK
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