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Amorpha fruticosa

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Indigo bush Indigo bush

Amorpha fruticosa is a species of flowering plant in the legume family (Fabaceae) known by several common names, including desert false indigo, false indigo-bush, and bastard indigo bush. The species is present as an introduced species in Europe, Asia, and other continents. It is often cultivated as an ornamental plant, and some wild populations may be descended from garden escapees. A. fruticosa grows as a glandular, thornless shrub which can reach 5 or 6 meters in height and spread to twice that in width. The leaves are made up of many hairy, oval-shaped leaflets. The inflorescence is a spike-shaped raceme of many flowers, each with a single purple petal, the fruit is alegume pod containing one or two seeds. Easily grown in average in full sun to light shade. Tolerant of occasional flooding. May spread by self-seeding and/or suckers to form thickets.

It is considered weedy/invasive in some parts of its range. Genus name comes from the Greek word amorphos meaning without form in reference to the single-petaled flowers. Plants contain indigo pigment, but in quantities too small for commercial use (hence the common name of false indigo). False indigo has attractive flowers. It is often used for erosion control, windbreaks and screens. Good shrub for moist naturalized areas or areas with poor soils.

100 seeds
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