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Cruel vine

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moth plant moth plant

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Araujia sericifera is a perennial ornamental plant in the genus Araujia belonging to Apocynaceae family. These plants grow in wastelands with trees and hedges, in forests and in rocky places or cliffs. They prefer sunny or partially shady places, at an altitude of 0–1,800 metres above sea level. Its common names include Moth Plant, White Bladderflower, Common Moth Vine and Cruel Vine. The Latin name sericifera of the species, meaning silk-bearing, refers to the silky hairs surrounding the seeds inside the fruits.

Araujia sericifera is a creeping vine that can climb up to 5–7 metres of height. If broken this plant releases a milky smelly exudate. Leaves are opposite, dark green, glossy and quite fleshy, almost triangular, with entire margins, about 10–12 millimetres long. Bisexual flowers are fragrant, about 2 centimetres of diameter, with five white, creamish, violet or pale pink petals. The flowers are usually pollinated by moths (the common name – Moth plant), butterflies and bees, but they are capable of automatic self-pollination. The flowering period extends from July through September. The pear-shaped fruits are large pods of about 8–10 centimetres of length. They contain numerous black seeds surrounded by silky hairs which enable them to be dispersed by the wind. The fast-growing vines can cover a tree canopy in two or three years, competing with the tree for light, water, and nutrients. They damage trees by this competition and by twining so tightly around their branches that it girdles them.

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