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Jujube - Ziziphus

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Jujube Jujube

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Ziziphus. Yellow flesh is white, sweet pleasant sour taste. Berries are used fresh or dried. Since we do jujube fruit jams, juices and brandy, if you put the fruit in brandy have a special drink. Due to the high content of useful substances and vitamins C, jujube fruit is used for lowering blood pressure and to treat stomach and intestinal discomfort. Leaves, bark and plant mass used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of various medicines and teas. The Dalmatian is the only name jujube - ćićindra. The tree grows to 4 meters in height, but it like most plants can establish themselves to make it easier picking. Jujube grows in warm regions, and is characterized by high resistance to temperature changes, so summer can withstand more than 40 ° C and drought, and when you reject their branches, and becomes highly resistant to cold, the idle period and withstands temperatures to -25 ° C
The fruit is eaten raw and partially or completely dried. Also, the jujube fruits are made jams, juices and grape-based brandy. The fruit is recommended due to its high content of useful components and vitamin C, blood pressure and to treat stomach and intestinal ailments. The fruits, leaves and bark jujube used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce medicines and teas.

10 seeds
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