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Buckthorn (50x)

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Buckthorn (Frangula rupestris) belongs to family Rhamnaceae. It is a low deciduous shrub up to 150 cm in height, thin light crust. The branches are hairy when young, then naked. Buds are bare, flowers are inconspicuous, tiny with 5 greenish petals, hermaphroditic. It blooms from May to July, after fertilizing flowers fruits appears that ripen in September. The fruit is round, fleshy berries, pea-sized, first green, then red and black after maturation. Every berry contains 2-3 shiny, yellowish seeds with a long and narrow furrow, the fruits are not edible.
Is widespread in the Mediterranean region, Balkan Peninsula and the Transylvanian Alps. It grows in rocky places and crevices in areas with warm climates, benefiting from the limestone and plenty of sun and heat. Buckthorn is one of the oldest species in Mediterranean region known in the preparation laxative resources that enhance digestion and stimulate bowels. All parts of buckthorn are rich and anthraquinone derivatives and are recommended for constipation , anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Buckthorn family belongs jujube (Ziziphus jujuba), South Asian species of edible fruits (see offer) which is recommended as an excellent natural ''stress remover''.  Zizifin , substance found in the leaves of jujube , prevents the sensation of sweetness taste in humans in a way that has not yet been sufficiently explored.
50 seeds
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45.00 HRK
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