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Rosmarini officinalis Rosmarini officinalis

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Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) leaves are collected by the branch cut in the summer and put to dry. When the branches are dried, the leaves are. Distillation of leaves and twigs of rosemary oil is obtained (aetheroleum Rosmarini). Oil is an integral part of rosemary fat (Unguentum Rosmarini compositum). The flowers and plants in bloom, are harvested in April and May, and dried in the shade, the plant is best kept in closed containers, as is generally required for plants that evaporate.
Curative effect of rosemary in a better blood flow makes it convenient to treat digestive weakness and inertia of the stomach, insufficient supply of blood and paleness. The effect of rosemary can lead to improved function of liver and gall bladder secretion, which contributes to improving the general condition of the whole organism. To eliminate these diseases from drinking the tea of rosemary. Rosemary oil in small quantities affects the expansion of blood vessels and thus to better circulation. Raises blood pressure, allowing for better concentration and memory. Alcoholic solution of rosemary (Spiritus Rosmarini) serves as a tool to massage the paralysis, muscular rheumatism, gout, nervous tension, headaches and mental or physical exhaustion.


100g fresh leaves

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75.00 HRK
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