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Stapelia Stapelia

45.00 HRK

Orbea variegata is almost certainly the most common Asclepiad in cultivation, even if it is still often seen under its earlier name of Stapelia variegata. It is soft stemmed succulent each stem can reach over 25 cm, grey  green mottled purple in full sun, in age forms big clumps. The typical flower is 5-7 cm across with 5 blunt lobes, starfish-like, attractively patterned or dusted with chocolate/purple, brown/bronze blotches on a greenish-yellow background, It is quite free flowering if in direct sunlight. The plant can readily set seed, after the fecundation the carpels develop long cylindrical fruits up to 12 cm long, these need to be contained when they ripen, because as soon as the fruit opens it liberate a cloud of flying seed provided with a white feathery cotton fluff. Stapelia is very easy to grow, it is the ideal plant for beginners, needs light shade to full sun, it is very resistant to heat will also tolerate cold temperatures and light frost, best in a ventilated environment.

50 seeds
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45.00 HRK
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