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Opuntia bergeriana

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Opuntia bergeriana is one of the two types most commonly in the Mediterranean area, and both have edible fruits. It is quite hardy growing cactus and finally it becomes like a great tree, and has extensive branches that occupy much space as if it formed like. To encourage the rapid growth that blooms profusely it is best to plant in the country, if possible. If it is not possible, it should be planted in the smallest possible pot, it's necessary during the summer months to feed it to encourage it to develop to maximum size. These plants are very attractive addition to the garden.

O. bergeriana is a useful strong and long lasting grafting stock, it is very successful with big columnar cacti, but it is also used for globular species and for grafting other opuntias too. This plant is reasonably hardy and is a good stock for frost sensitive species like Melocactus.
O. bergeriana is a strong shrubby species, it can grows up to 4.5 m with pads that can be up to 40 cm long. This plant produces bright red flowers in profusion also in small specimen.
It is a low maintenance plant that tolerate considerable neglect and will naturalize . Easy to cultivate outdoor in dry, sandy or gravely, well-drained soils. May be grown in clay soils as long as drainage is good and soils do not remain wet, it is very adaptable both in acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. No serious insect or disease problems.
Watering Needs: Must be kept fairly dry in winter but likes a reasonable supply of water in the growing season,  tolerate dry condition but suffer if exposed to prolonged and severe drought. A position at the base of a south-facing wall or somewhere that can be protected from winter rain is best for this plant, but is however resistant to moisture and rain.
Sun Exposure: Full sun (only), in semi shaded position wont produce many flowers. Plants are reasonably cold-hardy , tolerating temperatures of -5° to -10° C, they are also quite  tolerant of winter wet. (In good drained soils)
Propagation: Is propagated by seeds, cuttings of leaf pads at any time in the growing season.


Cutting (10-15cm)

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